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BLACK COPPER MARANS - Maran chickens originated in the town of Maran France. This is a dual purpose bird, but best known for its dark brown eggs. Marans lay the darkest egg of all other chickens are highly sought after. Marans also make great foragers as they scratch lightly and are not destructive to flower beds or other garden settings. This breed also stands confinement well. We breed the French standard of feathered legs. BLUE COPPER MARANS - Maran chickens originated in the town of maran France. This breed of chicken is a fast grower which makes them a dual purpose bird. Roosters average 8lbs and hens 7lbs, but they are best known for their dark brown eggs. The maran chicken lays the darkest egg of all other chicken breeds. We raise three colors of Maran chickens Black Copper, Blue Copper, and Blue Splash. You can run all three colors of Maran chickens together and still get purebred Black, Blue and Blue Splash Marans. BLUE SPLASH MARANS - The striking splash pattern on the plumage of this breed makes it a must have in your flock. The splash pattern can be blue, black or silvery gray. Splash Marans breed true. Splash on Splash mattings result in 100% splash. Splash on Black Copper result in 100% Blue Copper. For more information regarding Maran Breeding please see our FAQS page. Because of their genetic background some of our Splash Marans  hatch clean legged. Where Splash Marans lay a very dark brown egg they are not nearly as dark as Black Copper Marans. BLUE AMERACAUNA - The Ameraucana breed was developed in the United States from chickens imported from Peru. They should not be confused with the “Easter Egger” as the Ameraucana is a pure breed. This breed of chicken has a very quiet and calm personality and will be sure to attract attention to your flock with its full beard and muffs. They are excellent layers of blue eggs. It’s always fun when selling eggs to add a few of these irresistible blue eggs to your basket. These birds are my sons favorite with their fluffy faces and calm personalities you often see him walking the yard with one on his shoulder. As with other” blue breeds” the blue trait does not  breed true.  In  addition to blue you could receive black. BUFF BRAHMA - The Brahma chicken is a massive, stately bird with an upright carriage and striking plumage. Their docile temperament and enormous size is what achieved them the nickname the Majestic Ones. This breed was developed in the United States from very large birds imported from Shanghai Chine. Their docile temperament makes them great pets for children and their enormous size make them a dual purpose bird. Cocks average (12lbs) hens (10lbs). Their plumage is held very tightly and feathers extend all the way down their legs and the middle toe which allows them to withstand the coldest of winters. They also lay large brown eggs all winter long. JUBILLEE ORPINGTON - The Jubilee Orpington was named in honor of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Victoria’s reign. The Queen received a flock of these Regal Birds as part of the celebration. With their impressive mahogany plumage it’s no wonder why they were named for British Royalty.